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Ecorutour at the Green Week 2013 in Bruxelles: air quality

The Ecorutour Project at BUY Emilia-Romagna 2013

21 – 25 april 2013

“A great holiday… with a small footprint”: schools design sustainable holidays

Palazzo Bellini, Comacchio (FE), 15th May 2012

Prize-giving ceremony of the competition open to primary schools of the Municipalities located in the Po Delta Park area.

Pupils produced drawings and stories to explain their own idea of spending a sustainable holiday inside the Park.

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Guided tours at the demo facility

4th May 2012, Parco Vacanze Rivaverde, Marina di Ravenna (RA)

A guided tour at the tourist facility Parco Vacanze Rivaverde (Marina di Ravenna).

The pupils of the primary school ”C. Balella” of Piangipane (RA) involved in the competition “A great holiday… with a small footprint”.

WORKSHOP – Tour operators exchanged views on good practices for achieving environmental efficiency

15th May 2012, at 2.45 pm, Parco Vacanze Rivaverde, Viale delle Nazioni 301, Marina di Ravenna (RA)

Hotel and restaurant owners, campsite managers and tour operators of the provinces of Ravenna and Ferrara met to share the measures adopted to equip their facilities with innovative technologies and procedures, with the purpose of improving economic-environmental performances.

Round table: 22nd April 2012 – Club Village & Hotel Spiaggia Romea, Comacchio (FE)

Operators, local bodies, authorities and local transport agencies met to discuss and identify the best ways to promote environmentally-friendly holidays in the Po Delta park.

From Bologna’s Nature Reserves to the Po Delta: 20th – 22nd April 2012

Presentation of environmentally-favourable menus: “A menu… with no carbon footprint“

Three days of horseback riding through the nature reserves of Bologna and Ferrara’s plains up to the sea, testing sustainable routes and sampling the specialties of “A menu… with no carbon footprint” at the facilities joining the project.

The catering sector and the environment. Environmentally-friendly solutions, services and products

Bologna, on 10th October 2011

Ecorutour “Environmentally COmpatible RUral TOURism in protected areas  for a sustainable development at low emission of greenhouse gasses” within “The catering sector and the environment. Environmentally-friendly solutions, services and products” initiative.

Can restaurants reduce the environmental impact of their activities while saving?

This conference was organized by Confesercenti, with the support of the Region and ARPAER, to address the following topic: the environment & restaurants.

Waterway and Po River Tourism Fair

Palazzo Ducale of Guastalla (RE), on 16th April 2011

Ecorutour was presented on the occasion of the “2nd Waterway and Po River Tourism Fair” within the section entitled “Promoting and developing waterway tourism in Emilia-Romagna)

This initiative was organized together with different local bodies and associations as well as with important stakeholders of the tourist sector, to promote the rich and varied resources of the Po River basin.

Bologna – Energy, Tourism and Trade

Bologna, on 29th October 2010

Ecorutour was presented within the “Bologna – Energy, Tourism and Trade” initiative during an open discussion between representatives of the Region and of the relevant trade associations for the development of the new implementation Plan 2011-2013 aimed at carrying out the Regional Energy Plan.

This meeting was included in a cycle of workshops held by the Region with just one goal: achieving environmental sustainability. The meeting allowed technical experts, business operators, representatives of bodies and trade associations, enterprises and citizens to exchange their views.

Seminario Turismo Mobilità Ambiente

Sviluppo sostenibile nell’Area del Parco del Delta del Po Emilia Romagna

Comacchio 11 maggio 2010

Life ECORUTOUR / Turismo rurale ambientalmente compatibile in aree protette per uno sviluppo sostenibile a bassa emissione di gas a effetto serra - LIFE08 ENV/IT/000404 - ECORUTOUR / Environmentally COmpatible RUral TOURism in protected areas for a sustainable development at low emission of greenhouse gasses - LIFE08 ENV/IT/000404

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