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Final conference of LIFE ECORUTOUR Project

The project LIFE+ “ECORUTOUR Environmentally COmpatible RUral TOURism in protected areas for a sustainable development at low emission of green house gasses” has ended with fulfilment after four years of commitment of the Emilia-Romagna region – in partnership with ARPAER and ARSIAL-Lazio – in an eco-friendly path overlooking the strengthening of the importance of sustainability as a propelling awareness to the economic growth, realizing interventions with the engagement of local operators of the Po river delta Park Emilia-Romagna.

During the final convention the essential themes concerning sustainable tourism have been discussed, paying specific attention to the two protected areas engaged in the project (Po river delta Park and Gran Sasso and Laga mountains Reserve Park) and the achieved results.

For the event international and national guests have participated and have proposed various, stimulating interpretations creating a chance to confront different successful experiences.

Professionals of the sector as tourist operators, public authorities administrators, travel agencies, tour operators and the Commerce Technical High school IT.C.S. Salvemini of Casalecchio di Reno have taken part to the conference to create a productive debate on the path towards eco-sustainability and the positive outcomes that it can bring to the ordinary management of the tourist activity.

In light of this conclusions the only thing we have left to do is to further examine how to develop this achievements in order to promote the ecological choice in tourist services enhancing the awareness of a well behaving, more careful to the environment surrounding us.

The conference, in coherence with the goals pursued by the project, has been organised trying to lower to the minimum the environmental impacts.

In trying this, the Emilia-Romagna region have been supported by Delphi International, one of the first Italian enterprises being certificated in comply with the law ISO20121 for sustainable events.

The good practices realized stand all out and in particular the choice of the gadgets connected to the event (all useful and ecological) or the diligence in avoiding to print the materials and putting them into usb pens that have been given to all the participants instead or the km 0 and bio catering. All these expedients made the final conference Ecorutour deserve the certification “Sustainable Events ICEA” in A+ class.

You can download the speakers’ reports from the link (.zip 40mb).

Recording speeches are available on request at mburoni@regione.emilia-romagna.it

Sustainability in tourist facilities and destinations:

a choice of marketing or organizational efficiency?

Final conference of LIFE ECORUTOUR Project

The attention to the environmental sustainability of a destination and/or a tourist building as a reward in the international market. Has the pursuit of sustainable tourism a positive relationship between costs and benefits?

Tuesday, November 19th 2013 – Conference Room A Third Tower

Bologna, Viale della Fiera,8

Time 9.30 – 13.30

Is really the attention to the environmental sustainability of a tourist destination a bonus element in the choice of tourists? Will a structure that is certified Ecolabel have more customers or are others the competitive advantages achieved thanks to that path?


What are the choices of sustainability of an area or a structure most appreciated by tourists? Has the pursuit of sustainable tourism a positive relationship between costs and benefits?

These are some of the questions that the final conference of the Project LIFE ECORUTOUR (Rural Tourism compatible with the environment in protected areas to a sustainable development with low emissions of greenhouse gases) will try to answer, speaking to a professional audience very articulate (tour operators, directors and officers of public organizations, travel agencies and tour operators, universities and research institutes…).

In effect the conference objective is the presentation of the achieved results in the project and the animation of a constructive debate on what factors are correlated to sustainable tourism that can really be an element of efficiency, innovation and competitiveness for business and territories.

For a long time the sustainable tourism has been promoted pushing on the environmental benefits obtainable for the host territory and the potential benefits in terms of activities for the facilities and destinations. However very often these results were not up to expectations and it is evident that the environmental sustainability is just one element that determine the choices of tourists and almost never the decisive element.

To pursue sustainability strategies in tourism, it is necessary to know the strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats that may happen.

The Final Conference of the LIFE ECORUTOUR Project, presenting the produced outputs and hosting interesting National and European case history, want to propose instruments that allow a careful evaluation of costs and organizational complexity that local and regional authorities and companies have to support in order to pursue the path of sustainable tourism, identifying clearly what benefits can be reached in the short and long time.

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Ecorutour… and the river tourism on the Po

For the second year running, Ecorutour Project, with its promotional materials and its results, will take part to the 4th edition of “Borsa del Turismo Fluviale e del Po”, promoted by Confesercenti. The initiative, which will take place in Gualtieri (RE) from 11 to 13 October 2013, will allow about twenty European tour operators to discover the attractions and the excellences of the Emilian districts touched by the river Po.

The demonstration aim is to promote the Po territory as a touristic destination strong and attractive, enhancing proposals which included art, culture, typical products tasting and low environmental impact menu, savoring by means of sustainable mobility routes situated inside the Po territories.

Borsa del Turismo Fluviale e del Po

Ecorutour at the Green Week in Bruxelles: air quality

Ecorutour was presented on the occasion of the Green Week’s 2013 edition that took place in Bruxelles in June and was organized by the European Commission on the theme of air quality.

During the event the participants spoke mostly about the negative effects of the global economic crisis, which have a considerable impact on the environment and about the necessary measures to improve the air quality.

All the guests underlined the importance of acting in the cities, which are the main sources of pollution due to the traffic intensity and demographic density, through the local policies aimed to protect the environment as: traffic planning, degreasing in emissions, awakening of the people and promotion of public transports.

The meeting was a great occasion to share the different experiences and good practices in order to find new solutions to save the environment and to execute environmental policies that are more decisive.

Green Week

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Ecocluster: The Free Seminars – The Bright Efficiency for the Touristic facilities

After the summer break the seminars addressed to the touristic operators (hotels, restaurants, B&B, camping…) will start again. They are organized by the National Park of the Appennino Tosco Emiliano, in the Life Ecocluster Project (which is developing a model of environmental management’s system for the touristic cluster “Cerreto” www.ecocluster.it), at the Visit Point “Bar Restaurant Giannarelli” (www.passodelcerreto.it). The participation is for free, but it is well-accepted the confirmation (filippo@punto3.info).

After the first four seminars, which have taken place between June and July, the courses start again on Wednesday 11th September at 3pm and they will deal with the theme of the bright efficiency for the touristic facilities. Tiziano Donnini of the Delled Srl business company examine in depth that theme, starting off with the normative aspects for going on with the good practices for the decrease of the consumption and the lighting quality. The lighting for the touristic facilities represents a cost entry that is often underestimate. On the contrary, it is very important because sometimes the touristic facilities still use inefficient technologies and because of them the energy consumptions, associated with the lighting, are without any doubt still significant. The new technologies, in particular LED, allow to save more than the 80% compared with the halogen lights. A good lighting represents even a quality factor for a good welcome. Because of that, it can not be sacrificed for containing the costs of the inefficient structures.

The following seminars will take place on:

  • Wednesday 18th September at 3pm, Salvatore Inglese of Sutter Professional Srl will show how today it is possible to have products and equipments that allow to have a professional, ecological and cheap cleaning.
  • Wednesday 25th September at 3pm Denis Ferraretti of AcquistiVerdi.it Srl will show how it is possible the dematerialisation of the marketing instruments, using the web-marketing and social media to be in touch with the costumers.
  • Wednesday 2nd October at 3pm, the last seminar will be taken by Flavio Bruno of the Istituto Delta Ecologia Applicata Srl, which is a partner of the Life Ecocluster project. He will show the benefits of the touristic facilities that are in compliance with the environmental legislation.

Ecorutour among the products of Arts and Events 100 Italian Cities

During the event “Arts and Events 100 Italian Cities” was set up a temporary advising service for the tourist facilities created with the support of the European project Ecorutour, in conjunction with the international Workshop specifically organized to meet all the operators that manage tourist activities.

This promotion event of Italian cultural and artistic tourism gave to Ecorutour the opportunity to personally meet the tourist operators, to whom was given assistance and information about the potential start up of the process to obtain the European environmental label.

Information brochures on the project were given to the people interested and they signed the signature register, as indicated by the project.

During that event, between the various activities that have taken place in accordance with the environmental aims that are pursued by the ECORUTOUR project, Confesercenti has even presented “The Organic in the Restaurants ” (Il Bio nella Ristorazione) initiative, which try to promote and give large visibility to the products coming from the organic farming and want to make the consumers awake of the use of that type of food.

In that occasion, the promoters made even a testing menu available to the public in order to reinforce concretely and in an efficient way the knowledge level of the above-mentioned products.

A group of representatives from Jordan visits the demo facility

On the 21st June 2013 the “Villaggio del Sole” Camping of Marina Romea (RA), one of the demo facilities chosen within the Ecorutour project, hosted a group of representatives from Jordan, interested in the best management practices applied with increasingly environmental respectful devices. The participants represents some environmental and tourist bodies of the coastal area of the Aqaba Gulf. This visit is included in the full week tour that the representatives are taking, in order to concentrate on topics such as tourist development, marine pollution, coast patrolling and environmental education.

The guests had also the opportunity to taste the dishes of the “Menu that does not leave any footprint”, realized within the Ecorutour project, that sees next to every dish the respective CO2 amount produced. The circumstance is an opportunity to present abroad the commitment of the Emilia-Romagna Region in the topic of the environmentally-friendly tourism and at the same time to highlight the support of the Region to its enterprises in the process to upgrade their management criteria in order to make them more environmentally-friendly and respectful for the natural resources.

The Ecorutour Project at BUY Emilia-Romagna 2013

Aiming at widely distributing the opportunities given by the assistance service to the enterprises and developed within the Ecorutour project, the Emilia-Romagna Region takes part to tourism fairs such as “Buy Emilia-Romagna 2013” (21- 25 April), organized by Confcommercio. On 24th April 2013, within the Buy 2013, a temporary advising service was organized and were created direct contacts with 15 tourist operators of the Region, to whom, thanks to the innovative contact modality of Business speed date, were given assistance, information and practical solutions in order to improve the environmental performances of their facilities.

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Guided tour at the demo facility

29th May 2013, camping “Villaggio del Sole”, Marina Romea (RA)

48 students of the hotel management school Pellegrino Artusi of Riolo Terme (Ravenna) with some professors visited the demo facility camping “Villaggio del Sole” of Marina Romea, within the Ecorutour project. On 29th May 2013 the students could visited the facility and come into contact with the good practices of environmentally friendliness adopted to limit the environmental impact. Since these students will be future operators of the tourism sector, the visit focused mostly on the organization of lounge and kitchen and on the good practices in choosing food products. The visit dealt with topics as the importance of using energy-saving machineries, the policies in choosing local food products and the presentation of the “Menu that does not leave any footprint”. Linking to the project “Cycling from the Delta Park”, an initiative that the school is developing, the second part of the visit focused on the opportunities of eco-friendly mobility and naturalistic and cycling routes offered by the demo facility.

Environmental Management in Tourism

A series of 8 workshops in the Natural Park of the Appennino Tosco Emiliano, in order to develop the environmental skills of the tourism operators of the area

Within the European project Ecocluster the Natural Park of the Appennino Tosco Emiliano organizes a series of 8 workshops, that will take place between the 26th June and the 2nd October 2013 at the Centro Visita “Bar Ristorante Giannarelli”. They will develop up-to-date subjects linked to the environmental management in tourist facilities, closely connected to the purposes and actions of the Ecorutour project.The aim is to disseminate knowledge about the environmental legislation that relevant to the tourist facilities and about the benefits that the enterprises can obtain from the implementation of environmental-friendly good practices, as well as the related qualifications.

The workshops deal with various subjects: “Eco-catering”, “Eu Ecolabel”, innovative modalities of snow conservation, tourist opportunities of the Cerreto area, luminous efficacy in tourist facilities and opportunities of ecologic professional cleaning service. The last two workshops will concentrate on web marketing and better opportunities of the touristic facilities in compliance with the environmental regulations.


  • 26th June: eco-catering
  • 3rd July: eu Ecolabel for tourist facilities
  • 10th July: modalities of snow conservation
  • 17th July: eco-tourism opportunities in the area of the Appennino tosco-emiliano
  • 11th September: luminous efficacy in tourist facilities
  • 18th September: legislation, opportunities and costs linked to the use of ecologic professional cleaning service
  • 25th September: web marketing
  • 2nd October: opportunities and benefits of the touristic facilities in compliance with the environmental regulations

The participation is free, but you should kindly register at filippo@punto3.info

For more information and the program:










The Transhumance Journey 2013

AMATRICE, 7th July 2013

A new edition of the sustainable tourism event for the revival of the cultural and environmental roots of the transhumance of sheep with the involvement of tourists

> Download the programme (pdf 414 kb)

A trip in the Po Delta Park

25th September 2012

On Tuesday 25th September 2012 the V A and V B classes of “I. C. Govoni” school in Ferrara, winners of the competition “A great holiday with a small footprint”, were guided by Valentina in a nature experience in the enchanting Po Delta Park.

The excursion was the prize for the two classes whose work obtained the highest score from the Jury during an initiative held on 15th May in Comacchio .

The pupils first explored the Natural Oasis of Torre Abate, a reserve plunged in the greenery of the countryside, within walking distance from the Po River. Then they continued the tour by bicycle riding along Canal Bianco until reaching Mesola where they visited the impressive Castle.

Riding along the Po River bank for about 3 km up to the Woodland of Santa Giustina, the young tourists had the chance to observe the rich and diversified vegetation and the animals living inside it.

After stopping for lunch at Osteria del Delta, where the children tried traditional dishes and discovered oldtime flavours, the two classes boarded the “Freccia del Delta” motorship.

The crew led the children along the Po di Gorino, until reaching the point in which the river flows into the sea.

During the navigation, revealing beautiful natural sceneries, the explorers stopped at Old Abandoned Lighthouse, bearing witness to the coastline forward movement. They also admired the new Lighthouse of Goro, until reaching the mouth of Po della Donzella where they sighted birds hidden among the reeds, stranded trunks and strips of land rising out of the water.

The visit ended with a widespread enthusiasm and many warm thanks by everyone.

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The Transhumance Journey 2012

AMATRICE, 29th-30th June and 1st July 2012

A sustainable tourism event was held in Amatrice (RI), reviving the seasonal transhumance of sheep with the involvement of tourists: “The transhumance: walking with the sheep like shepherds did in the past”.

Guided tours at the demo facility

4th May 2012, Parco Vacanze Rivaverde, Marina di Ravenna (RA)

On 4th May the tourist facility Parco Vacanze Rivaverde (Marina di Ravenna) offered the first guided tour to pupils of the primary school ”C. Balella” of Piangipane (RA).

Guided by Mr. Nobili, Head of the Local Biodiversity Department of the State Forestry Corps, the children took part in an ecological walk to discover the biodiversity of the pinewood where the demo tourist facility chosen for its low greenhouse gas emissions is located.

Then the host facility was visited to illustrate the managing measures adopted by Parco Vacanze Rivaverde to protect the environment.

“A great holiday… with a small footprint”: schools design sustainable holidays

Palazzo Bellini, Comacchio (FE), 15th May 2012

Prize-giving ceremony of the competition open to primary schools of the Municipalities located in the Po Delta Park area.

Pupils produced drawings and stories to explain their own idea of spending a sustainable holiday inside the Park.

WORKSHOP – Tour operators exchanged views on good practices for achieving environmental efficiency

15th May 2012, at 2.45 pm, Parco Vacanze Rivaverde, Viale delle Nazioni 301, Marina di Ravenna (RA)

Hotel and restaurant owners, campsite managers and tour operators of the provinces of Ravenna and Ferrara met to share the measures adopted to equip their facilities with innovative technologies and procedures, with the purpose of improving economic-environmental performances.

“From the menu that does not leave any footprint to sustainable trails: new ways for an environmentally-friendly tourism”

On Sunday 22nd of April at 10.30am, during the launch of low environmental impact menus – “A menu… that does not leave any footprint” – at Club Village & Hotel Spiaggia Romea there will be a round table in which operators, local bodies, authorities and local transport agencies will discuss and identify the best ways to promote environmentally-friendly holidays in the Po Delta park.

The initiative also provides the opportunity to hold a sustainable mobility event in which the holiday destination is reached on horseback and by bicycle. This event will be presented during the round table.

“A menu… that does not leave any footprint”

It is a meal which states the amount of CO2 used for producing it and provides information to encourage tourists to respect the environment while on holiday or at the restaurant too.

From Bologna and Ferrara’s oases to the Po Delta

From 20th to 22nd April, it will be possible to follow horseback and cycling trails winding through the oases of Bologna and Ferrara’s plains up to the sea, tasting the specialties of a “A menu… that does not leave any footprint” and spending the night at the facilities joining the European project Ecorutour.


Information and bookings:

FITE Trec A.N.T.E. Centro Ippico Montefano

Via Zenzalino Nord, 137 – 40060 Vedrana di Budrio (BO)

Tel. +39 051 6929096 – 3486044613 – Fax +39 051 807234

e- mail: centro.montefano@libero.itweb: www.centroippico-montefano.it

Green light to guided tours!

Photo: Alejandro Ventura.orgTourism can offer a quality service while respecting the environment and saving on management costs too. Thanks to Ecorutour, a European project, a few “virtuous” facilities have been selected for their low emission levels of greenhouse effect gases. They will be open for visits to businessmen, students and tourists interested in learning about the key points underlying their management choices. In the framework of Ecorutour,  the Region started a number of activities to encourage those who run tourist facilities to adopt virtuous practices aimed at improving the management system of their undertaking as well as to orient consumers towards more sustainable holidays. In the first phases of the project carried out in two pilot areas – the Po Delta Park and the Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains Park – considering factors such as a good performance in emission release and the manager’s willingness to be involved in the project activities, including the lifecycle performance analysis, three virtuous tourist undertakings have been selected.

In the Po Delta Park:

  • Parco Vacanze Rivaverde di Marina di Ravenna (Ra) Viale delle Nazioni, 301

In Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains Park:

Agriturismo e Cooperativa Grisciano, located in Accumoli (RI), in Via Salaria Km 143,200

A number of guided and free “study visits” will be organized in these facilities to illustrate their entrepreneurial experience to operators, students and everyone may be interested in the topic. During the tours, visitors will be guided by experts who will describe the facility’s features, the adopted management system and the environmental initiatives taken also with the support of the European project Ecorutour. Booking is already possible for joining guided tours to the Po Delta Park on the following dates:

23rd March 2012

13th April 20124th May 2012

If you are interested in taking part into a guided tour at the demonstration model located in the Po Delta Park, please contact the Temporary Support Service +39 051 5278115 or send an email to: mburoni@regione.emilia-romagna.it

Call the phone number above also for arranging a guided tour at the demonstration models on a different date.

Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains Park

If you are interested in joining a guided tour at the demonstration model located in the Laga Mountains Park in the Latium Region, contact the information centre set up by ARSIAL (Agency for agriculture development and innovation in the Latium Region) calling the phone number +39 06 86273469 or sending an e-mail to: agriturismo@arsial.it.

Let’s design sustainable holiday

“A great holiday with a small footprint”.The first phase of the educational-environmental competition event for inventing a sustainable holiday, addressed to primary school pupils in the Po Delta, has started. The schools that joined the initiative will design and create sustainable holiday projects taking part into a number of educational workshops. A brochure containing suggestions and key concepts was prepared to guide children in developing their project and to help teachers who will be also supported by Istituto Delta staff members. The projects will be examined by a jury gathering representatives of the Emilia-Romagna Region, of ARPA Emilia-Romagna and of the relevant local authorities. The first prize will go to the class capable of inventing the most sustainable, innovative and feasible holiday. The winners will be given the opportunity to spend an open-air day in the Po Delta area, together with their teachers and parents, within June 2012.

The prize-giving ceremony will be held on 15th May 2012 at Palazzo Bellini in Comacchio (FE) and, on that occasion, children will publicly show their amazing works.

This initiative mainly aims at raising young people’s awareness about environmental protection issues. Through demonstration messages suggesting ways and behaviours to be implemented while organizing one’s holidays, this project offers new tools to young people showing them how to spend their leisure time in harmony with the environment they live in!

Download Leaflet (PDF 1830 Kb)

The travel of Transhumance

Sustainable event: “The travel of transhumance”


Sunday 11th September 2011Amatrice (RI)

Download Leaflet (PDF 510 Kb)

The travel of Transhumance

Sustainable tourism event in the frame of farming multifunctionality. The event will take place on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Amatrice (East Latium, Italy) and is very important for the local development of Laga Mountains (near Gran Sasso Central Apennines) because it could be represented as a model of development of the agro-food chain system at zero mile and of the farm accommodation  for an ecological, responsible and cultural tourism linked to landscape and farming biodiversity.

Download Leaflet (PDF 224 Kb)

International conference “Tourism for All”

Ecorutour will be presented at “Tourism for All: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Authorities” International conference to be held in Ostersund, Sweden on 26th and 27th May 2011.

The initiative will be joined by representatives of local and regional  authorities belonging to several European regions and by important stakeholders of the tourist sector.

Life ECORUTOUR / Turismo rurale ambientalmente compatibile in aree protette per uno sviluppo sostenibile a bassa emissione di gas a effetto serra - LIFE08 ENV/IT/000404 - ECORUTOUR / Environmentally COmpatible RUral TOURism in protected areas for a sustainable development at low emission of greenhouse gasses - LIFE08 ENV/IT/000404

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